Monday, February 16, 2015

A mislabeled cult

We have created a cult of desire, expectation, and possessiveness while labeling and depicting it as Love.

You see TV dramatization, while lacking the experience in other possible facets of life, believes it to equate reality; continuing ever more to pursue what seems real and meaningful, but not so.

Many a man and woman could be so much more if they had not confined themselves to such absurdity.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Death might not be real.

In reply to a youtube video: INTP: My problem with everything.

Watch it here: 

Thank you for the video +Tomacity(Rast)  and the comment +Carl Friedrich Gauss.

I feel you all. Hell and back and all during my teens. And nobody understood then. I doubt they even understand now. (Skip this part if you don't really care about my self-intro (I wanted to major in Psychology when I was young but then changed to Engineering when I first went to college, and I dropped out to go into International Business which I found the worst shallowness, so I ended up with Computer Science which I'm pretty much content. I have graduated 2 years ago and currently am pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science and highly possible a PhD as well. I want to become an academic, purely because it's fun and it agrees with my personal principles the most.))

I am now nearing my 30 in a couple of years, I don't feel that these troubling thoughts matter as much as when I was younger. Sure I still am searching for that ultimate truth and the meaning of life. But not to the point that I get depressed anymore. Sure people still bore me but I have learnt to become much more tolerant than before and actually to appreciate them. Tried researching about all the religions there are, but to no avail I found they are just tools for self-manipulation, too rigid and fake. I'd suppose life itself and experience have taught me to appreciate it all more. There are things that can't be explained by logic alone, although we INTPs are excellent at it. But this doesn't mean all the religions, or one of them, is right. (Ok I admit it, this is also another self-intro, but I needed it for context, I think).

To relate to your video:
Logically, death might not be real. I'm not talking about the afterlife or any conspiracy theory. But by looking at it, death can only be experienced by the person who dies. We all have assumed that death is the end of a life form for that person. But this isn't true at all, neither is it false, it's a contingency. This end is only from the perspective of those who witness the death of other people, not from the experiencer. We simply do not know. Why do I reach this conclusion? Because I and any other living persons have not experienced death yet. You can't assume it's the end, and you can't assume that there's something after that either. This is kinda hopeful to me. I am actually happy about this fact. I don't know what it means but I have just figured this out since you+Tomacity(Rast)  were babbling about death and your depression. I'm kinda sleepy, sorry. What I'd like to tell you as a fellow INTP is that: Cheer up, we simply don't know, so don't conclude that death is a negativity. All we know is that we enjoy life. How? Because it's the only thing (big thing) that we know. We are the direct experiencers of our own life, therefore this is the closest to the meaning of reality. There is a Zen thought that says 'the truth is only those things you presently see in front of you'. This is why you have got to keep living and live it good. It's LOGICALLY true and sound. I rest my case.

Note: excuse my bad narrative and grammars, I'm not a native speaker and I'm quite sleepy at the moment.

Last Note: Ok so this vid is from a year ago. I hope you have learnt so much more about life and that you appreciate it more. I plan to do the same in the years to come. Well basically you're not alone. We all, as you mentioned in the vid, are going through similar realization alone, but together.

Carpe diem!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What are we all but mere tools

What are we all but mere tools of different truths, superseding one another to create the ultimate perfect truth while occasionally are given the illusion of realistic enjoyments in life?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wise man treasure

Why do we try so hard to look outward for them, when in truth the treasures reside within?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perfection is but an illusion

Perfection is but an illusion you impose to limit and define your boundary upon.

Perfection is but an excuse of fearing the unknown.

Perfection is but a point we have drawn to keep our sanity sane.